Andasis is a leading provider of embedded electronic system solutions specializing in communication for the Defence, Automotive, Industry, and Telecommunication sectors. Established in response to the growing demand for innovative solutions, Andasis has been a key player in the industry since its inception. With a team of highly qualified engineers, Andasis excels in developing platform-independent, original, and agile software adhering to international standards. The company's expertise spans a wide range of areas, from hardware design for wired and wireless network infrastructure devices to electromechanical device design, architectural considerations, and thermal analyses. Andasis takes pride in its in-house capabilities, ensuring the perfect synergy between hardware and software components. Committed to global competitiveness, Andasis positions itself at the forefront of technology, contributing to advancements in various sectors through cutting-edge solutions.
  • Ethernet Switches / Routers
  • Fiber / Copper Converters
  • Network Access Controller
  • Terminal Units
  • IoT Units And Vehicle Tracking System