Andasis Electronics Inc. provides embedded electronic system solutions in the field of communication to Defence, Automotive, Industry and Telecommunication sectors.

Who We Are

Andasis Electronics Inc. founded in 2016, providing embedded electronic system solutions for Automotive, Defence and Industrial sectors mainly in the field of Communication as part of PAVO Group of Technology Companies.
Andasis has consistently demonstrated its dedication to sustainable R&D practices, fueling its vision of capturing a significant share of both local and international markets in communication product groups. Andasis develops the hardware, software, and mechanical designs of all its devices in-house, ensuring complete control over the product development process.

Our History

Established in 2016, Andasis Electronics Inc. is a leading provider of embedded electronic system solutions for the Automotive, Defence, and Industrial sectors, primarily focused on communication applications.

Our Offerings

Andasis offers a wide range of devices with commercial, industrial, and rugged configurations, all of which adhere to stringent international standards.

Our Purpose

Andasis’s purpose is to bring innovative, quality-assured domestic solutions to the widely used communication products and become a reputable company well known for communication products both in local and international markets.

Our Core Competencies

System Design

We meticulously design and develop robust hardware and software solutions that adhere to international standards.

Hardware Design

We possess extensive hardware expertise, encompassing high-speed digital circuit design, RF design, low-voltage linear regulators, isolated and non-switched power supply design, FPGA programming, and high-density impedance-controlled PCB design.

Software Design

We can run embedded operating systems on hardware that we designed in many industrial, automotive and commercial areas.

Mechanic Design

Architectural designs, strength calculations and heat transfer calculations of our electromechanical devices are made in-house.