Powering Tomorrow's Connectivity

Andasis provides a network management software to centrally manage these devices and the entire network. All hardware, software, and mechanical designs are developed in-house, incorporating the latest protocols. Andasis's products possess competitive advantages in both technical aspects and cost. Our highly skilled engineering team continues to design and manufacture products in Istanbul Teknopark. All devices are available in commercial, industrial, and rugged configurations, meeting global standards.

  • Ethernet Switches / Routers
  • Fiber / Copper Converters
  • Network Access Controller
  • Terminal Units
  • IoT Units And Vehicle Tracking System

Ethernet Switches / Routers

  • All devices have PoE + option.
  • Software, Hardware and Mechanical Design have been completely finalized
  • Commercial, Industrial and rugged versions of all configurations are available.
  • Hardware Accelerator TCAMs, SDN compatible are used in the last generation topologies.
  • Device family consisting of Layer3 routers.
  • Software, hardware and mechanical design has been completely completed in-house and mass production continues.
  • All configurations are available in commercial, industrial and rugged versions.


Andasis Elektronics Inc. provides embedded electronic system solutions in the field of communication to Defense, Automotive, Industry and Telecommunication sectors.

With the help of our advanced design expertise and abilities, we design and manufacture devices that can compete with the global companies in the Network Infrastructure Devices sector, we guarantee communication security thanks to our in-house developed devices.

In addition to network infrastructure device families such as Ethernet Switchers, Ethernet Routers, Media Converters and Access Point Devices, we also develop Network Management Software platform to manage all network infrastructure devices.

We continue our design and production activities in Teknopark Istanbul with our highly qualified engineering team, and we place representing our country in global competition at the center of its vision.