We design and produce here!

Architectural designs, strength calculations and heat transfer calculations of our electromechanical devices are made in-house. Computer aided analysis programs are used for these calculations. Thence, environmental conditions are sampled in the computer environment. In terms of prototype production, time savings and cost savings are provided for test processes.

The compatibility of the designed cards with each other and with the structural parts of the device is entirely at Andasis discretion. The Andasis mechanic design team ensures the perfect fit by interfering with the electronics cards themselves or the mechanical parts. Following computer-aided design, production is carried out with solution partners.

All the advantages of in-house design and production are utilized, and compatible and flexible electromechanical device designs are made by intervening with customer requests, technical specifications and test process requirements.

CAD-based electronic device design and optimization are carried out. Interference controls, structural designs and thermal analyzes of electronic cards and components are carried out.

Capacity analysis according to the heating and cooling needs of the devices:

▲ Calculation of temperature distribution on a mold by conduction heat transfer
▲ Heat transfer analysis with natural and forced convection
▲ Time-dependent cooling
▲ Mold cooling analysis
▲ Calculation of the temperature distribution of the lighting unit by heat transfer by radiation
▲ Natural or forced heat transfer in accordance with sealing requirements
▲ Radiation effect and analysis in cooler surface design