By our qualified engineers, develop platform-independent, original and agile software in international standards, in different programming languages in-house. The software is implemented according to agile methodology from the project stage to acceptance and tested by independent test units. We run embedded operating systems on hardware that we designed in many industrial, automotive and commercial areas. Many different operating systems are using especially Linux on 32/64-bit CPUs (single/multi core). 8/16/32 bit low power microcontrollers, work with operating systems such as FreeRTOS, ConTiki and MQX. We implement the complex driver software of all existing ICs on our original hardware and prepare hardware-specific BSPs. In our wired and wireless communication devices have a unique Network Stack that supports international standards protocols that we have developed. Some applications, have made with this software library (Network Stack):

▲ Communication devices running Layer 2/Layer 3 protocols
▲ TCP/IP Based Server/Client Applications
▲ SIP based Softphone Applications etc.
▲ MMI/GUI Development

▲ Developing interactive interfaces on embedded devices
▲ We develop desktop applications that process and visualize statistical data.
▲ We are developing web-based server and management interfaces.

A PHP-based graphical user interface (GUI) is being developed for the web interface. HTML5, CSS, SCSS, RestFul web services and web socket are used here. Microservice architecture is used in network management software and services are written with Spring Boot and Java (8+).Each service runs in Docker containers. Special solutions such as time series database and Elastic stack are also used. Frontend coding is done with Angular/TypeScript and includes web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, SCSS, web socket.

Except those, Selenium/Cucumber/Test Ng/Protractor is used for e2e tests and the framework we have developed with python 3.6+ for e2e tests.