Managed Ethernet Switching Devices are available in Layer 2 switching and Layer 3 routing configurations.

▲ All devices have PoE + option.

▲ Software, Hardware and Mechanical Design has been completely finalized within the company and its mass production continues.

▲ Commercial, Industrial and Ruggedversions of all configurations are available.

▲ Thanks to Hardware Accelerator TCAMs, SDN compatible are used inthe last generation topologies.

Andasis Managed IP Router Devicesare fully supported with Layer 3 features designed for industrial and telecommunication applications.It can find a wide range of use in the following applications:

▲ Device family consisting of Layer3 routers

▲ Software, hardware andmechanical design has beencompletely completed in-houseand mass production continues.

▲ All configurations are available incommercial, industrial and rugged versions.

Open Flow Support: The Open Flow 1.3 standard, which supports the integration of the device into a software defined network (SDN), can be optionally supported with a limited number of TCAMs (256 units). Offers low latency and high time accuracy through IEEE1588v2 and Sync-e support. Thanks to this feature, it becomes an ideal product for applications such as delay sensitive industrial, power, backbone and finance. 802.3at PoE + Support: Provides 30W power support from each port and reduces the number of ports required for the integration of devices with high power requirements into the system. G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS): G.8032 provides flexibility in security applications by providing sub-50 ms recovery time for a maximum of 25 nodes. Border surveillance applications can be given as examples.

  • Defense Systems Communication Networks
  • Surveillance Applications in Mobile Backhaul Networks (KGYS)
  • Railways Communication Networks
  • Power Distribution Communication Networks
  • Industry 4.0 Networks
  • 5G Networks
  • Data Centers

Supported Protocols

  • IPv4 / IPv6
  • Static Routing
  • Routing Information Protocol Versions
  • 1 and 2 (RIP and RIPv2)
  • Open Shortest Path First (OSPFv2 ve OSPF v3)
  • Enhanced IGRP (EIGRP)
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • Intermediate System-to-Intermediate System 
  • Multicast Internet Group Management Protocol
  • Version 3 (IGMPv3)
  • Multicast Extension to OSPF
  • Multiprotocol Extension for BGP-4
  • MSDP
  • MLDv2
  • Protocol Independent Multicast sparse mode(PIM SM)
  • PIM Source Specific Multicast (SSM)
  • DNS
  • DHCP
  • IPv4-to-IPv6 Multicast
  • MPLS
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPN
  • IP sec
  • IKE